Nepalese across the globe are celebrating their biggest festival of Dashain.  Music and dance is part of this big celebration where many artists, specially folk artists release their Dashain and Tihar songs at this time of the year.

Folk singer Pashupati Sharma was the only singer with more than one videos (3 videos) to make it this year’s most viewed Dashain on youtube.

Sugam Pokharel who is also known to release Dashain songs released new video this year with his daughter.  His song has some reggae touch into it.

As of this writing, here are the 15 most viewed Dashain and Tihar music videos on Youtube.  It is based on the search term “Dashain Songs” , filtered by year 2019, and view count.


15. Meri Sanu by Purnakala BC,Tilak Oli,Dhiraj and Rajesh (308k views)

14. Aaile Bhet Dashainlai by Pashupati Sharma and Devika Kc (353k views)

13. Chuhine Chhano by Bishal Rayamajhi, and Laxmi Basnet (371k views)

12. Aaudai Chha Pardeshi by Resham Sapkota, and Devi Gharti (375k views)

11. Mama Ghar Jaam by Pashupati Sharma, and Tika Pun (379k views)

10. Fauji Ghar Ramailo by Armed Police Force Nepal (390k views)

9. Dashain Tiharma Ratai Ramailo by Nandu Pariyar, and Shanti Shree Pariyar (399k views)

8. Pheri Mayo Dashain Tihar by Shanti Shree Pariyar, and Madan Pun Magar (453k views)

7. Aau Nachau Sathi Ho by Shambhu Rai Song, Parbati Rai, and Kala Rai (456k views)

6. Dashainma Aau Pyara by Bishnu Khatri & Bishnu Majhi (654k views)

5. Shubha Dashain by Sugam Pokharel and Angeliza Pokharel (690k views)


4. Dashain Aayo by Lok Poudel and Tika Prasain (869k views)


3. Aafnai Gau Ramailo by Khuman Adhikari and Shanti Shree Pariyar (1.1 million views)

2. Dashai AAyo Tihar AAyo by Sagar Ale and Sayera Magar (1.6 million views)

1. Kanchhi Buhari by Pashupati Sharma & Samjhana Bhandari (2.3 million views)





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