On Thursday January 21st, a day after the inauguration, Vice President Kamala Harris wore a Prabal Gurung dress.  She attended the Virtual Presidential Inauguration Prayer Service at the White House wearing a Garnet Double Faced Wool Crepe Hand Tailored Dress with a Garnet Double Faced Wool Crepe Hand Tailored Coat.

“Honored, humbled, and forever grateful,” wrote Gurung on his Facebook, and Instagram.  “It is nearly impossible to truly sum up the magnitude of this moment for me. To see Vice President Kamala Harris wearing our designs this morning, just one day after being sworn in as the first ever female, Black, and South Asian American Vice President of the United States of America, is my American Dream coming true all over again.”

Honored, humbled, and forever grateful. It is nearly impossible to truly sum up the magnitude of this moment for me. To…

Posted by Prabal Gurung on Thursday, January 21, 2021


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Gurung, a Nepali-American designer, has also had the honor to dress the First Lady Michelle Obama, Duchess of Cambridge, Demi Moore, Anne Hathaway to name a few.  Designing for the newly-elected Vice President, however, was very special given his Nepali roots.

“My story is one that could only be possible in America: an immigrant who was born in Singapore and raised in Nepal and India coming here – a land of endless possibilities – to pursue their wildest ambitions,” continued Gurung. “I see Kamala Harris in all her strength and grace, the child of an immigrant like myself, and I am reminded of the potential of this country. The power to make dreams come true not just for a select few, but for everyone. I am reminded of my mother, sisters, and nieces who can now look to the highest office in the country and see themselves represented. They can see their dreams are possible. I feel my hope renewed. Today is a new day, one that holds immense hope and promise as we unite as a country behind President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, and forge ahead towards a more just and equitable future. xPG”

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